God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is this life about?

I look at the world today and I wonder, "What is this life about?" Does everyone really have to live the way they are living? It seems to me that more people out there are doing what they're doing for money and no other reason. Why? I think about it and the world starts to look like some kind of big money machine. People are hypnotized into believing if the have better and newer things it will satisfy them and make them happy. But it doesn't. People think if the have bigger and more expensive cars or houses they will be more important. But they're not. People put themselves way over their heads in debt for things they don't really need. Think about where the money goes. The government prints it. People work for it. Then they spend it. Taxes here and there. It all goes right back where it started from. We are preoccupied our whole lives with trying to win a game with no end and no winners. We could throw the whole system away and start over and it would be better for everyone. Every kind of job that is needed someone likes to do. It's not a job to them. It's enjoyment. Any job out there that no one likes could just be forgotten about. How many people work in factories making some kind of cute stuffed animals or other useless things that nobody really needs. How many different kinds of cars need to be made. Who really needs on worth one hundred thousand or more? Again it's just a status symbol to say "I am better than you!" Does any of it matter? I am good at writing, good at making music and singing, good at cooking and other things that I would be willing to share with people in my community if they lived the same way. I know some of you are saying "That sounds like Communism!" If you think about it the idea of true communism or socialism is not a bad thing. A whole community working together to take care of each other and everyone doing what they love is not a bad idea. Look at the words community and communism. It's when you put people in charge that want more than the common man that it becomes a bad idea. Does any of us really think that God wants us to live this way. Robbing and killing each other over some printed pieces of paper? I don't think so. Think about the words in the bible about not eating from the tree of knowledge or you will die. We are still doing that. The more answers scientist seek out, the more diseases pop up. People think they have to have the answers to everything and we don't. We just have to live and love each other. Now I am not saying I am perfect, I am far from it. I'm not even saying I'm right. These are just my opinions and something to think about.


  1. GOD loves you, hold on and you will see in the end (which is very near) exactly what is is all about