God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Memories of my youth gone wild

As some of you know, I grew up in the small town of Leslie, Michigan. Being an autistic, out of control kid most of the time, at thirteen my parents let me run wild. I know my dad just didn't want me around, and my loving, but naive mother thought the town was too small for me to be in any kind of danger so she let me go. Every day after school, and in the summers from the time I woke up, I was exploring my town and trying to learn about life. So here I am thirteen, smoking, drinking and doing drugs. Partying with teen and adults, most of whom were older than me. I was up for any kind of stunt which gave me some of my popularity. I never really cared if I was putting my life at risk, as long as I wasn't risking anyone Else's. Like taking a trip to the fifties, Leslie had one main block, with of course, Main Street in the front. Kids would cruise around and around this block, parking in the back sometimes to talk, or drink, do their drugs, etc. I could often be seen on top of my own or someone Else's vehicle riding around screaming like a mad man. There were times that some of us would have older fire extinguishers that you could open and refill and pressurize at the air pumps by the gas stations. We'd fill them up with all kinds of different and sometimes disgusting liquids and drive around ambushing other kids and their cars. Many times their were egg wars. It seemed like where ever the action or party was, I had to be there. I'm sure I still have somewhat of a reputation in the town for being such a bad boy. To me I was just having fun. The rumors about me were great. Every time I had a surgery on my knees someone was saying I got into some kind of accident. I hung around with a few of the criminal elements in the town, so I got a reputation as a criminal, never did any of it. I was always too scared of jail to break the law. But I got accused many times and even arrested once. Never convicted. I also had a reputation as a devil worshiper. Must have been the music I listened to. I never minded any of the legends that spread through the town about me. I felt like at least I'd be remembered. But yes I was wild. One of my guardian angels back then was my best friend Charlie. He would always keep me from going over the edge, crossing the line, etc. Even when I was away from him his voice was right there in my head. "Scott, fifteen will get you twenty! You know better than that Scott. You wanna go to prison and be some one's b!#ch?" Charlie has always had his act together, even still today. He's only chose to be friends with people who were themselves, not liars pretending to get attention. If I could've lived my life in a different way I would have chosen to live like him. Because of the abuse I had at home from my brother and father, sometimes I would live downtown on the streets. Sleeping at night in a stairway leading up to apartments, or in the cemetery in the summer time. Sometimes I would stay with friends. There was a time when I was staying at a house downtown where some of the criminal elements lived. Also living there was another guardian angel of mine, Matt. Matt was a beautiful soul. He could get a look so mean on his face that he could scare someone twice his size out of fighting, but he really was gentle. He was caring and compassionate, and again was always there to look out for this strange skinny kid who was too wild and crazy to watch out for himself. Matt kept me from going out on adventures with others in the house to cause criminal mischief. Matt kept me in line. Matt was a dear friend. Sadly, the woman he was living with in that house broke his heart so severely that he took his own life. I still miss him to this day. And on that sad note I guess I'll stop for now. I'm feeling a little sad and need to find something to clear my mind. If you have any questions or comments, you know you can leave 'em. Thanks for reading! :)

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