God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Monday, August 17, 2009

Phobia's and their resulting panic attacks

I often reflect back to the surgeries I've had in my life. Six so far. With every one of them there is one common factor. When it came time for me to get the prep shot before the surgery I would experience an extreme panic attack. Even a day before the shot I was subjected to extreme anxiety, putting myself through self torture anticipating the coming shot. As a teenager I even tried writing notes to myself, telling myself to be strong and just take the shot. It never helped. Every time the nurse would come in with that needle, It would take three sometimes four or more people to hold me down to give me that shot. Yet all of my life I've noticed I have a very high tolerance for pain. It was never the pain that was the issue, it was a phobia of needles, of that piece of metal being stabbed into my body. I still suffer from this phobia along with others to this day. My son and daughter still have their phobia's of running water. My son will go into a panic attack if a small scratch produces a little blood on his skin. Where do these phobia's come from? Why with the autistic do they produce these meltdowns of an extreme nature. Again to me the only answer I can see is the fear itself. Our emotions are too high strung. I have no memories of a single shot causing me such harm that I was traumatized by it. Running water has never harmed my children. How can we learn to handle these fears better, to turn down the volume on our emotional amplifiers to a normal human level. Unfortunately I don't have the answer. The only thing that I can do now is warn nurses and doctors ahead of time that I WILL experience a panic attack which IS a result of my anxiety of needles. Maybe this is what we have to do with our children. Accept what is going to happen and just explain to the world why. If they don't understand, there's nothing we can do. Fear.......what can we do to conquer it? Will it ever go away?


  1. Scott,

    My brother was afraid of needles as well. He was also afraid of thunder. I always thought that it was a pain issue but now I wonder was he really afraid of the needle as well? He was always afraid of thunder. I wish I would have known about Aspergers when we were growing up. It would have explained so much and I think it would have helped because I would have done a better job at trying to ease his anxieties. For my brother to be afaraid of thunder at the age of 11 (I was 10) and want to stay in my room for the night made me feel uncomfortable and I thought he was carrying his fear to the extreme. I remember I just told him to go back to his room because it was only thunder. I wish I would have known about Aspergers.

    I wish I would have known about Aspergers when all he ever wanted to talk about were his problems and his fears when we were adults. I miss him a lot and I hope that wherever he is he understands that I loved him a lot and even though he thought I was jerky towards him; I only wanted him to be happy and I wanted to protect him from the people that took advantage of him. I wish I would have called him back just a couple days before he passed away. I wish I knew what he wanted to tell me. The needles remind me of my brother.

    My son also has high anxiety whenever he has a break in his skin. At first he thought that all of the blood in his body would flow out through the break in his skin. He was also afraid that his skin wouldn't grow back. I think he thought that if he got a sore he would just loose all of his skin.

    I try to explain to othe people about Jared's fears and that they are real fears but people just don't understand. I wish I had a better way to explain Aspergers.

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