God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dealing with the Schools

Good day, or night depending on when you're reading this, to you all. I would first like to say that I wish nothing but love and happiness to you and your family especially the children. Each and every person on this planet are in my thoughts and prayers every night as I lie awake in bed, unable to sleep because my mind won't shut off and keeps haunting me with terrible visions from the past. I love you all! Now on to my post. As parents, we're all starting a new school year and having to deal with issues and problems that our children go through. I am no different. This is only Anthony's second week and yesterday he brought home his third bad report! The school environment is so hard for an autistic child to deal with, the tens and hundreds of different stimuli that can cause a meltdown or make our children go into a defensive mode, which is a natural instinct of self-preservation. Our autistic children know in their minds that they are perceived by normal people as different and undesirable. They have a fear of the world wanting to destroy them. So like any animal, when they feel they are in a threatening environment, they go on the defensive to protect themselves. Then there's the meltdowns that is just their little brains screaming out, "I can't handle all of this noise, confusion, bright lights, etc" Most school are not equipped to deal with autistic children. Most of us will end up home schooling our children as it is a safer and less confusing environment. But we have to continue to attempt socialization with them. That is why my son continues to go to school for the moment. He needs to experience and learn social skills and values. When the time comes to pull him I will know, as will you all. For those of you without the proper diagnosis or support for your child from the school system, Keep Pushing!!! Keep Demanding that your child is classified autistic so that he or she can get the services they need and deserve. Everyone needs to do all that they can to change the system we live in so that all children, no matter where they fall on the autistic scale and no matter how they became part of the autistic community, can get all of the support and services that they need to become a successful member of our society. As parents, we all need to unite, everyone in the autistic community all over the planet, to change societies views, policies, rules and regulations towards every autistic individual. It is time for a revolution people, and we've got to come together to accomplish it. With the autistic communities increased intelligence, due to us all evolving, we can find answers, make changes, correct mistakes, fix things, make a better planet for the entire human race. Stop debating, complaining, or pointing fingers and answer the call. Stand up for the rights of your children and all children. Stand up for the human races continued survival. Most of all people, STAND UP FOR YOUR FAMILY, IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU HAVE. LOVE IS THE ANSWER FOR US ALL!

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  1. Scott,

    Excellent!! I agree with you 200% and rising. Question for you again and I will be writing about this on my blog. If an Aspergian child feels he is being perceived as someone with bad behavior, which is more likely for him to do, display "good" behavior or give the people what they expect bad behavior? Or if an Aspergian child knows that people feel that he behaves badly, does he get a payoff for displaying bad behavior just to annoy the people that think he behaves badly?

    I'd love to know your thoughts. Your statement that autistic people have a fear that people find them unacceptable and want to destroy them or I think what you mean to say is to break their spirit, they go on the defensive. I think that might be the root cause of displaying bad behavior. Maybe it is their way of saying "You want to fight? I'm game. Go ahead try and break my spirit." Love to know your thoughts.

    Your BFF in Buffalo,