God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Saturday, October 3, 2009

On this Anniversary of my 40 years of life

Wow, first of all, thank you all for the birthday greetings. It's wonderful. I love you all. As you can tell by my recent posts, I've been doing much reflecting on life and it's meaning lately, with help from above, and it seems to me like some of you don't know what to think because there's no comments after my posts. I just want you all to know I'm still the same Scott that you've known, I'm just evolving, growing, and learning, processes than I don't think ever stop in any one's life until it's over. But everything I've wrote from the beginning has been the belief, truth, and feelings in my thoughts and soul. The title of my blog space is Confessions of an Aspergian, which is exactly what it means. A look into the mind of someone with Aspergers Syndrome. When I started writing, my goal was the same as it is today. To educate people with my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on life and hope that they can learn from my experiences, and become more aware of Autism and how serious it is. Personally I feel proud to be among your ranks. I feel proud to be one of the first among the whole human race to evolve into a higher being. I feel proud to learn from you as you learn from me. I feel proud calling you, my friends. All my love to you and yours :)

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