God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Religious Views

I have never been one to attend a man made organized religion regularly, but in my 40 years I have explored many different types. I will never belong to any of these groups, for they are man made and men make mistakes, are in it for the money, power, etc. Therefore, I have always worshiped in my home. I have never been sure there even was a god until my first major meltdown and his hand in helping me. I have been sure since then. I truly believe that he guides me everyday and wants to save as many of us as possible. It's been a hard road for me, but he has always been there with me. Now my personal belief is that his name is Allah. But that doesn't make me a Muslim or a terrorist. This is just what I have been told by signs to me that I can't deny. But I don't think he really cares what we call him, just as long as we worship the One True God. My mom calls him Jehovah, and that's fine. The belief that man will live in a paradise earth again, never growing old or sick, is the thing I like best about her religion. I believe it's true. We are discovering more and more natural remedies for some of our toughest problems. I think Allah has a hand in that too. I think Allah knows that we are evolving and wants to help those who are ready and who are willing to prepare themselves and change their lifestyles for this evolution of man. He Loves us All. Now let's think about this Allah that I keep talking about. Is he some all powerful force like so many bibles portray God as being? Or is he simply a higher life form that created everything because he is so evolved. Doesn't it make sense if there is this kind of higher life form, it stands to reason there could be many, many others on different rungs of the evolutionary ladder? Most would call them Angels. How did they get to be where they're at, by evolving from a lower life form. How can we stand on this planet and look up at the millions upon millions of stars and universes and think that our planet is the only one with life on it? Most believe in God, but never wonder where he lives. You can have religion and evolution, god created them both. You can have God and Extra-Terrestrials, God is an E.T., he's not from Terra, which is Earth, and Terra is where the Terrestrial comes from. Why do most people not think this way, because religion for those in charge is about money and for those attending it's about friendship with others, forgiveness for sins, or a hobby. They read the bible and never wonder about where God is. Allah is above us and watching, and knows that those who aren't ready to evolve will perish. Allah is trying to send you messages through all of your media devices. The good messages you hear about Love, Kindness, Compassion, and Hope. Start paying attention to the tv or radio and you can pick them out. You'll hear his inspired love in songs. Think about God singing that song to you instead of a man to a woman or vice-versa. You'll get it. Maybe you'll start seeing signs as I do and realize there is a greater force up there in the stars trying to help the human being evolve into a light being. Or, continue to think I'm crazy and go on with your slave-like existence working for the almighty dollar. I know what I must do. Do you?

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