God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Potty Training for the autistic

Love and Light to you all. In my normal light worker way I would first like to tell you to keep your thoughts positive and your heart full of LOVE. With this proper mind state, you can start to transform your world and lose the negativity that affects us all. Blessed Be.
My daughter is 5. She does know how to use to toilette but I've never considered her potty trained. She has ALWAYS had to touch me on the side or the shoulder, being non-verbal, to get the response from me to tell her to go to the bathroom. As of late, she has not wanted to ask this way, I'm sure out of laziness, and often wets herself. Most parents of autistic children verbal or not have to deal more with potty training issues and buy diapers for many more years than parents of normal children. My parents went through the same thing with me. There is a connection problem in the brain between the signals the lower body sends out and the brain telling the person to go and use the bathroom. The only thing I can say that corrects this issue, is the same answer to many other autistic issues, repetition and patience. It took my parents longer with me, as it did me with my son, but eventually we got it right. I'm sure my daughter will be the same way. Some autistic parents out there have children in their teens that still haven't made that connection in their heads. Continued persistence and patience is the only thing. Don't give up. Keep explaining to them. Keep helping them. Above and beyond all, keep LOVING them. The creator in the heavens wants us to have this extended learning experience, to make us more loving parents than many are nowadays. We must never give up on our goal of making these children something the world will be proud of, instead of just considering them a burden to society. All my love to you and your families. Happy Holidays

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Explaining Death to your children

I read a status on facebook this morning about someone trying to figure out how to explain the death of someone close to them to their child. The post touched my heart and I decided to write about my own experiences hoping that in some small way it might help. I've always had a deep love for animals and my parents always allowed me to have many kinds of pets as a child. Whenever one would pass on it would always break my heart and cause a day to a week of mourning and depression. My mother had a talk with me about the natural order of things in this world, explaining to me as anyone would to a child, about how things are born, grow, and eventually die in the normal cycle of life. I think that this is the best way to handle this subject and I have done the same with my son. He hasn't reached the point yet in his life of a first mourning experience but when he does, he is already prepared for it by my talks and I will be there for him as any parent would. Everything revolves in a circle. From the atoms inside of a cell all the way up to the earth revolving around the sun and beyond. Everything is made up of simple energy which never dies. Death is just another part of the circle but the soul goes on in the form of energy. I still miss loved ones that have left me, but I know that they continue on in energy form and their memory lives forever in my mind and heart. Now your beliefs do not have to be the same as mine and of course you can explain it to your children in the way that you feel is best, but it is better to explain these things to them, for you can not stop this experience from happening to them, and when it does the best thing you can do is talk to them and show them love. When John Lennon left this earth it was extremely hard from me to bear as a young child. My mother showed her love by comforting me, talking to me as she always has, and baking me a cake to make me feel better. It is amazing how the smell of something cooking can lift the spirit of someone. I don't know if anything I've wrote here has helped any of you, but I hope that it does. All my love to you and your children my friends. Namaste.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winning the battle with depression

♥♥♪♫♪♫♥♥Good morning to YOU!!!♥♥♪♫♪♫♥♥ It was a truly magnificent sunrise. It's a hard struggle to keep myself from falling back into the pit of despair and depression, but I am winning. No matter what brings me down, within a couple of hours I've convinced myself to be in a good mood again. I just wanted you all to know, that yes, it's hard, but It can be accomplished, just like anything elses the autistic world puts their mind to. We can OVERCOME ALL!!!♥♥♥Love and Light!!!♥♥♥Blessed Be!!!♥♥♥

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here I go Again, down depressions dark road

Love and Light to you all. Blessed Be. It has been so wonderful to live a positive life spreading love to others that need it. I truly feel blessed. As of late,though, my thoughts have started to drift once again towards suicidal tendencies. Maybe an adjustment in medication is necessary, maybe it's due to having the occasional beer. Alcohol, after all, is a depressant. I could go on and on with the clinical, but why. The fact is I've been pouring out so much LOVE to others lately I feel I've held none back for myself. Once again I am weary of this world and all it's burdens on ones soul. Why does it seem like when I give so much of myself to others, caring and LOVING emotions, that none get's returned to me. I know they appreciate my words, thoughts, and feelings towards them, and many times my advice has helped someone greatly. However, when I feel the loneliness starting to cover my soul, and reach out for others, they simply do not have time for me in their busy lives. My angelic duties have brought me great joy, knowing that this world is going to change to a better place has been my driving force lately. I just wish others received the messages from above that I do, the messages of LOVE and LIGHT. There are many out there that do, but they are running into the same roadblock that I am, people don't want change, they're happy in this rat race we call our lives. I just want everyone to know that the light workers ARE here for them, and you can call on us at any time. It's easy to spot one, just look for those talking of LOVE and LIGHT, and you will find a caring friend. As always, all my LOVE to you and your families my friends