God's Love Shines down on us all

God's Love Shines down on us all
I Love You All, Blessed Be

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My suicide note(hypothetical)

If I were leaving you, this would be my note. I would want you to read all that I wrote. I would tell you to go back, search for clues, about what went wrong with me and you. Find the source of all my pain, my words are a trail left by my brain. I might be gone, but others remain. They too, suffer their own kind of pain. If you see my clues left in their words, they might not leave and fly off like birds. The rapture you've seen so many times of late, would not be so many more's fate. Please be happy that I've gone home, no longer looking for love will I have to roam. God gives me now all that i need. The blessed woman even gives me my weed. So smile, smoke and do not grieve, dance and sing until it's your time to leave :D I LOVE you all♥


  1. I searched these keywords tonight just to see if anyone has done this. So interesting that you are also an Aspergian like me. I will never commit suicide...too weak and too strong at the same time to do it. I just want the pain to end.
    This is what I would write.

    My life has ended...I have been a walking dead man for quite some time. I just wanted the pain to end. It doesn't matter what I do, how I prepare myself...or anything...my mind never adjusts to feel satisfied as to how reality flows. I can't change it and tomorrow it needs changing again. I'm miserable and desolate. Empty and fading into the background. I've been odd way to long for anyone to ever give me a chance...and my chance would be blown anyway. I feel so alone among many people. Whatever you do...DO NOT!!! BLAME THE MEDICATION! The medication could not cure me. Before if I would threaten to kill myself to get you to change for me...I know it would be disingenuous anyway..what's the point. My death now is not to make you wish you did something better...it will not bring me back. This whole life I've felt like a helpless ronin pawn. Born to suffer, bred to die. I'm just tired.....soooo....very....tired.....The weight of the mask I wear comes crashing on me after my soul muscles reach complete numbing failure. You may call me weak...but it is because I have used up all my strength. You may call me a coward...but I have done nothing more than decide that my pain is too unbearable for me to stay alive...just to contain others egos. It's not a battle I can fight any longer.

    1. Iowa. A place where kids would rather commit suicide, than use their imagination. That's because using your imagination here puts you on the blacklist.